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Divination, “to divine, to understand” is about knowing, understanding, and sometimes predicting. The universe provides us a vast array of information all the time. Some of us have learned how to receive that information. We us different tools and methodologies, and each tool, each way, can get different kinds of information for different purposes.

The classic divining rod was typically a forked branch that the diviner used to find water. One traditional method in India involves a coconut that “dances” in the practitioner’s hand when over groundwater.

Consider an Inuit tribe in northern Alaska or Canada that follow a herd of caribou to survive. One night the herd moves away and there are no tracks to be found by morning. The tribal shaman takes a shoulder blade from a recent caribou kill and burns it in the fire. The bone cracks, and to the shaman these cracks form a map that shows him where the herd has gone. The tribe goes there and sure enough, there is the herd, every time.

Other techniques involve interpreting runes falling in patterns, or interpreting cards spread out in specific patterns, and so on.

Enriching Elements is happy to be working with practitioners bringing different techniques to the table, so to speak. Some forms of divination will work better than others for certain kinds of questions. Card readings are probably not the best way to find water or caribou, and the burnt shoulder bone might not give a clear answer on a career change. Below are some of the methodologies available at Enriching Elements.

“Wisdom of the Trees” Directed Life Readings by Lora Hansen-Beard

Directed Life Readings are consultations that use the millennia-old Druidic tree ogham (system of knowledge) of the Celtic peoples as divination cards laid out in specific patterns to achieve clear, practical answers to so-called ordinary life situations. Different card spreads can be beneficial for different kinds of questions, but these readings work best for questions about taking an action where the results directly affect the one asking the question.

Lora is in our store Monday/Wednesday/Saturday afternoons. Readings are available in four- and eight-card spreads. Four-card readings typically take between thirty and sixty minutes. Eight-card spreads are more thorough and in-depth, taking at least an hour.

Read more about her card spreads here.

$40 per hour / $20 per 30 minutes

Tarot Readings by Aurora Dawn

Aurora Smith Reading Tarot at Enriching Elements in BoulderThe natural beauty and traditional values which surrounded Aurora Dawn in her youth, helped open her to the subtle sound of the earth. She was blessed young with a high exposure to other religions and cultures. This intellectual diversity when combined with her intuitive understanding of and search for the unknowable allows her a unique prism through which to hear and understand the soul’s wisdom. She has been reading Tarot for over a decade and has developed a strong rapport with her cards. There are times when she reads that room becomes thick with angels and guides and tremors of truth fill her form. The wisdom she brings will help you to put into perspective the challenges and opportunities that surround you, and will bring to light how best to choose your path as you set forward on this leg of your journey.

Aurora is in our store Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday afternoons. Readings typically take between thirty and sixty minutes. $15 per 15 minutes.

Palm and 52-Card “Gyspy” Card Readings by Michele Lee

Card or Palm readings are $30, or both for $50.

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